Cheap But Best Kalimba for Beginners

The Kalimba is a musical instrument that originated from Africa. It is composed of a wooden soundboard and a set of metal keys. Due to its structure, it is also called the Thumb Piano. Modern adaptations of this item also use Acrylic as a material. However, the best Kalimba for beginners is still the wooden ones. This version requires lesser control and wrist stress-related risks. We have listed several cheap Kalimbas that can be used by people who want to start learning them.

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Tremolo Chain Kalimba

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This Thumb Piano variant besides its naturally melodic sound has a beautiful twist. The addition of the Tremolo chain will give your tune a touch similar to that of free-flowing water. It is a great trick to learn for beginners. And it is also a great means to input more expression to your music.

Mahogany 17 Key Kalimba

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Mahogany is known for its great tonality, this advantage is good for beginners to familiarize themselves with the Kalimba sound. At the same time, it is also very durable ad can be used for long periods. This will surely be by your side as you develop your Kalimba skills.

Kalimba with Tune Hammer

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When it comes to music besides just playing the instrument, it is also necessary to tune it well. This set will familiarize first-timers with how to set up their Kalimba properly with the aid of the tuning hammer that comes with it. Never worry about being off-key when practicing using this item.

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Mahogany Wood 17 Key with Tune Hammer

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Speaking of tones, this set has all the things you need to achieve it. This package is made of good quality Mahogany wood that sounds great, metal keys engraved with notes, and a tuning hammer. All the basics are here fit for beginners.

Kalimba with Waterproof Protection

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The Kalimba is a great company to take on outdoor trips. However, due to its wooden structure, it is very fragile and requires a lot of care. For outgoing beginners, this Kalimba set has a waterproof casing fit to secure your instrument whenever you want to have some outdoor adventure.

Reindeer Kalimba

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The common design of the middle hole of a wooden Kalimba is round. However, this unique piece has a hole shaped in the form of a deer. The sound quality is just the same but it has an additional charm. It is a nice addition to Kalimba collectors who are starting to build up their collection.

Kalimba with Hand Made Ore Steel Bars

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The common color finish of wood Kalimbas is a natural finish. However, this homemade variant comes in a beautiful shade of blue. It also has ore steel bars that add to the durability of this instrument. This set also comes with an instruction manual that is very helpful to beginners.

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Lucky Star Kalimba

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This whimsically designed Kalimba is a great gift idea to music enthusiasts starting off to learn this instrument. The structure sort of resembles a guitar giving this piece a very familiar feel. This portable item has great sound quality and comes with a study manual, tuning hammer, finger protectors, and a cloth bag for proper storage.

Konrisa 17 Key with Phonetic Stickers

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When learning a new item people often take notes to remember important pointers. This high-quality Mahogany soundboard Kalimaba comes with phonetic stickers that can be attached to the keys. With these visual aids on hand, it will be easier for beginners to get the hang of playing the Kalimba.

Radio Shaped Kalimba

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What else reminds you of music besides instruments? The radio of course! This well-made Kalimba is detailed to look like an old-fashioned radio. Just like the electronic gadget this Kalimba has great sound quality and can provide good music. It is a wonderful addition to Kalimaba collectors that are starting to widen their collection.

Luvay Kalimba 17 Key Kalimba

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This piece is the description of simplicity is beauty. Thus elegantly design Thumb Piano looks very sleek and its shinning keys give it more appeal. The package includes a cleaning cloth to maintain its lovely appearance. Other inclusions are the tuning hammer, a study manual, and a cloth bag to safely store this item.

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