Hokema Kalimba – A Personal Review

KALIMBA is a type of African thumb piano, many people are in love with their kalimba (including me) because of its uniquely peaceful sound. Even though kalimbas are small it really gives harmonious, mindfulness and brings joy to everyone who plays and listens to it. It also helps people understand music! If you’re looking for an affordable kalimba or you’re just planning to buy we recommend Kalimbas from Hokema. They are an established Kalimba brand from Germany!

We love the design of these kalimbas. It’s small but durable. We love how durable it is. The design is really basic but the dimension and sound are so good. I would like to recommend this kalimba. Even though you are a newbie in playing kalimbas. I would highly recommend this one. I have kalimba before but it got broken that’s why I’ve decided to purchase one here on Amazon. It’s quite affordable also. It’s the Holiday season! Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why don’t you buy for yourselves and your loved ones?

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Hokema Sansula Deluxe

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This one looks so good. I love the color of it. I think it will perfectly fit in my hand. Knowing that it is made from goatskin, I think it is comfortable to hold. While the Hokema Basic, looks minimalist for me. I love the color and the price is really affordable. The sensual frame has an adjustable screw.

Hokema Sansula Renaissance

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This kalimba is good for children. My little brother loves it so much. This is a happy purchase for me.. The sound is so good. I’ve tried playing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, and it’s really therapeutic!! I highly recommend this one. If you’re looking for an affordable and physically pleasing Kalimba you must go for this one. The vibrations of the nine tines are really can be easily felt in your hand if you use it.

These Kalimbas are really nice, they are made in Germany! I actually subscribed to their YouTube channel. I love how the model teaching his viewers to use it (even though he speaks native German) He is really passionate about his Kalimbas!

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Hokema B7 Kalimba

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As per the product description, it is favored by the Therapist, I understand why. The sound is very relaxing and therapeutic. It’s almost the same with b9 but the b7 has deeper sound.

Hokema Twin Kalimbas

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Guys, if you wanna play Kalimba with a partner, I highly recommend this twin kalimba! You can play this kalimba solo or with your friends! The sound is so great. You and your partner will love this! I swear!

Hokema Kalimba B5

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Small but terrible! The design is so sleek! I’ve been wanting to buy a smaller kalimba for me to bring it everywhere without any hassle! Because of its size 2.95 x 1.38 x 3.74 inches and weighing only for 0.35 pounds it is really ideal for you especially if you can’t live without Kalimba!

Hokema B11 Kalimba Melody

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It has 11 tines precisely to G-major and there are variants of songs that you can play on this thumb piano.

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