Minecraft Kalimba Tabs Popular Songs

Looking for Minecraft kalimba tabs to play? Then you are in the right place! Check out these Minecraft songs compilation and see yourself playing it with your Kalimba. They range from easy kalimba tabs to hard, so be aware. It can be played in 17 keys kalimba to 21 keys kalimba but not much in a mini kalimba with 5-10 tines, unfortunately.

Here are the top Minecraft Kalimba Tabs being played by many kalimba players out there.

# Kalimba Cover Song Name
1 Minecraft Theme Kalimba Tabs
2 Subwoofer Lullaby + Living Mice Minecraft) Kalimba Tabs
3 Mice on Venus (Minecraft) – C418 Kalimba Tabs
4 Dry Hands (Minecraft) By C418 Kalimba Tabs
5 Wet Hands (Minecraft) By C418 Kalimba Tabs
6 C418 By Haggstrom Minecraft OST Kalimba Tabs
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