The Top 6 Best Acrylic Kalimba Brands

Planning to buy an acrylic kalimba? Then, you are in the right post!

In this entry we will be tackling you the best acrylic kalimba brands out there that you can start with or buy.

Now, we know that your mind is already set, however, you might also consider buying a wooden kalimba instead? Anyhow, we have a post on the pros and cons of buying an acrylic or wood kalimba.

If you are good to go and invest in an acrylic kalimba, then here are the best acrylic kalimba brands in the market today.

The Best Acrylic Kalimba Brands

#6 – Tom Acrylic Kalimba – Tom Kalimba Brands take acrylic kalimbas to the next level! Like the original kalimba, the have added some laser elements to make it more beautiful!

Tom Kalimba are all solid endow bodies with a nice clear resonance tone. It creates a silvery, lasting timbre creating that natural resonance vibrato. Click here to find more info about Tom Acrylic Kalimbas.

#5 – KOLDOT Acrylic Kalimba – We have heard great reviews from this Kalimba Brand. The Koldot Kalimba is limited to 3 shape or style. The have the round clear kalimba, bear-shaped kalimba, and the cat shaped kalimba.

koldot acrylic kalimbas

#4 – TREELF Acrylic Kalimba – TREELF made it to our list as it is one of the most common kalimba brand in the southeast Asia.  The TREELF brand is comparable to the KIMI brand and are made with the same material. The only difference lies on how they sound. TREELF are a little stiff at the end tines producing short pitch resonance notes. Click here to find more TREELF acrylic Kalimba.

#3 –  Aklot Acrylic Kalimba – Aklot is not an entry brand. They have been one of the best musical instruments maker in the world. It is a great brand that it made it to our Top Kalimba Brands list. If you are looking for a good investment kalimba, then do not hesitate to consider Aklot kalimbas. Click here to find more information for the Aklot Musical Instruments.


#2 – PURM Acrylic Kalimba – The PURM Kalimba brand sure is a looker. It has an exquisite quality feel that you can feel at first just by looking at it. We gathered a few of the best PURM acrylic kalimba below for you to judge.

Purm acrylic kalimba PURM Kalimba Acrylic Brand Buy PURM Kalimba Acrylic Brand

Click here to find more PURM kalimba brand on this Kalimba Store.

#1 – KIMI Acrylic Kalimba  – The KIMI brand is probably the most popular brand of acrylic kalimba in the market today and the #1 on our top Acrylic Kalimba brands! The KIMI brand has a huge appeal because of it’s animal-like shape and it’s quite affordable too. Definitely a brand that should be on your list, KIMI acrylic kalimbas are durable and has a good resonance too. Click here to find more KIMI Kalimbas.

For now, these are the top Acrylic Kalimba Brands that made it to our list. We will be adding more as we find more that is worthy of reviewing. Stay tuned!


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