The Best Kalimba Brands – Comprehensive List and Guide

Whether you are a beginner in playing kalimba or have been playing this awesome instrument for quite some time, you might get critical in picking what is the best brand of kalimba out there to buy or start playing with.

This comprehensive list of Kalimba brands is here to help you choose and know each kalimba brand’s background and whether they are worth buying.

Aklot Kalimba Brand

Aklot is not a new brand. In fact, they have been manufacturing ukulele instruments since 2012. They are based in California intending to promote ukulele culture worldwide. Being the ukulele and kalimba having the same materials or wood being used, the Aklot Kalimbas are worth trying out.

The Aklot brand is also is the maker of different string instruments such as the Banjolele, and Violin. Other instruments they are making include the Aklot kalimba, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Flute, Harmonica, and Djembes.


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Gecko Kalimba Brand

One of the pioneer professional manufacturers of high-quality musical instruments such as the Cajon drum, ukulele, guitar, and kalimbas! Gecko Musical Instruments Co., Ltd was established in 2009 in Guanzhou Instrument Factory Center in Huizhou.

Gecko Kalimbas are one of the best sounding kalimbas out there! They are produced with skillful handicrafts and pure timber which gives the best resonating sounds for high-quality performance. 

Gecko musical instruments are famous among music enthusiasts known for pronouncing loud, sensitive notes or tones. Gecko kalimbas surely are one of the best investments you can have in playing the kalimba instrument.

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LingTing Kalimba Brand

LingTing Kalimbas is perhaps the best Kalimbas in the market today! Their company Listening Musical Instruments was established in 2014 in the city of Zhonsan, Guangdong Province, China. The company focuses on musical instruments with main products of Ukuleles, Kalimba, and other musical instrument accessories.

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Donner Kalimba Brand

Donne kalimbas are one of the popular brands out there. Their company’s main products are guitar effects pedals. Established in 2012, the Donner kalimba brands promised a new experience in music and performance. 

Donner’s slogan is “Make your own music”. Donner is a US brand. They have other brands covering a wide range of other products. They are  Donner, Eastar, Moukey, and Reditmo.

The Donner brand includes the kalimba, ukulele, guitar, mandolin, effect pedal, keyboard, DMX wireless, electric drum, amplifier, etc. Their Eastar brand includes the violin, wind instruments such as the records, trumpet, harmonica, flute, children’s drums, and more.  The Moukey brand covers microphone, headphones, tongue Drum, party Light, etc. Their ReditMo covers products for kids…

Now, as a Kalimba manufacturer, you can say that they are one of the trusted ones in the market. Having been in musical instruments manufacturing for almost a decade (8 years now). 

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Kimi Kalimba Brand

One of the most popular kalimbas – Kimi! Kimi kalimbas are usually made from acrylic glass. Unfortunately, there is not an official website record for this brand except for the fact that they are made in China.  The Kimi Kalimba brand is known for its quality kalimbas that comes in different sizes and shape. 

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Conclusion for the Best Kalimba Brands Out There

Now, these are the current best brands out there that you can try on. We will be adding more to this list as we continue to review the best ones out there. Whether you are a beginner in playing kalimba or are already on an expert level, you will surely find that kalimba that best suits you. It is a matter of preferences and comfortability. 

If you want to add a Kalimba Brand to our best kalimba brands page, let us know in the comments and we will take a look. Happy Kalimba-ing!

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