Top 5 Kalimba Tabs According To Google Search

Hi everyone! Kalimba Tutorials here present you with the most searched kalimba tabs over the globe! We checked this with Google Adwords and below are the top 5 most searched Kalimba Tabs from Jan 2020 to August 2021.

Now, this may change over time, but these 5 kalimba tabs have been racking in the search for the past months!

Happy birthday kalimba tabs

Well, Happy Birthday seems reasonable! With people having birthdays every time, we can’t think of a reason why it shouldn’t be on the top. Anyone would want to play the kalimba in front of their birthday friend. You can download happy birthday kalimba tabs here.

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River flows in you kalimba

This lovely song has been trending in the kalimba tabs world for a good while! It might not be for beginners but it sure takes a lot of attention for aspiring kalimbaist!

Leaves from the vine kalimba

Not only that this song’s so sweet but it will make your eyes waterbend with tears! Leaves from the vine are from The Last Avatar series sang by Iroh.

Oceans kalimba chords

When we see this song in the list, we said: well, of course. Why wouldn’t it be?. Oceans is one of the top songs from Hillsong Christian Worship band. We had a lot of searches inside our site as well for this life-changing song. A lot of kalimbaist mark this as a milestone in playing kalimba. Check out Ocean Kalimba tabs here.

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Kalimba cant help falling in love

Our website’s stats speak for themselves. Can’t Help Falling In Love is one of the sought-after kalimba tabs. Whether you are trying to serenade your love one or just plain want to play this sweet song, you will never go wrong about learning this all-time favorite song by Elvis Presley.

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